Thought of the day

Thought of the day

As I reflect on my long to do list that has me sometimes unfocused on my day and what is really important, I have found today’s wisdom is remember to focus on what is important. If the list gets done it gets done. What is more important is peace and being able ot be present for the gifts that are appearing before you now. That to do list is a distraction from what we want but are afraid to grasp hold of! Enjoy the day and watch you miraculously achieve what is important with ease!

About the author

I am passionate about Happiness Matters and making an impact in the workforce to create Happiness culture while teaching the art of “Happiness”. Unless we grew up in an environment that connects us and teaches us happiness, it was not taught. It isn’t taught in most families. It isn’t taught in school or work. Happiness and unhappiness affects every area of life.

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