Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day
Thought of the day:
The removal of stress creates health. The AMA states that 80% of all health related issue are stress related!!!
Where can you let go of the stress? Do you have to change your job? If you put your needs first, would this reduce your stress? Having a hobby?
Learning to control the thoughts that create emotional reactions that create your “state of being” is very important!! It is this combination, thoughts and emotional images, that create the reality around you. All it takes is one healthy change you do daily for a month to start changing your stress and reality. Keep this change going and add a new healthy change each month. After a year, you have made 12 healthy changes that are now habits.

About the author

I am passionate about Happiness Matters and making an impact in the workforce to create Happiness culture while teaching the art of “Happiness”. Unless we grew up in an environment that connects us and teaches us happiness, it was not taught. It isn’t taught in most families. It isn’t taught in school or work. Happiness and unhappiness affects every area of life.

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