Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

What are you grateful for today? 

After a crazy busy day and technical difficulties (silly printer, which still isn’t working), I am very grateful for my binaural beats for stress relief! I am sitting here writing listening to them to help calm the travel stress and I go back home to see my dad.  I am not the best flyer in the world. I am grateful for my life, family (pets included), friends and clients. Take a moment out of your busy, stressed or both day and feel what you are grateful for. Right here, right now, you are safe, secure and blessed!

Happy Monday!


About the author

I am passionate about Happiness Matters and making an impact in the workforce to create Happiness culture while teaching the art of “Happiness”. Unless we grew up in an environment that connects us and teaches us happiness, it was not taught. It isn’t taught in most families. It isn’t taught in school or work. Happiness and unhappiness affects every area of life.

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