Rewiring the Brain for Success

(available 2016 Date: TBD)

This is an intense workshop utilizing the techniques found in brain-based research to move past defeating negative self-talk, thinking, behaving and reacting. The workshop is helpful for any employee who would like to improve their ability to gain improved results at work and/or at home.

Many people do not achieve their goals due to self-defeating and sabotaging beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. This workshop is the foundation for “rewiring” the brain for success and happiness that individuals can build upon to change their lives and increase their personal happiness and job performance and success.

Workshop Participants will:

  1. Learn the basics of brain research and function in relation to self-talk, thinking, behaving and reacting
  2. Learn how to align values with intentions/goals including how to properly personally express these intentions/goals for maximum results
  3. Identify defeating beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions

Learn tools to overcome defeating thoughts, behaviors and emotions and replace these with powerful techniques to achieve maximum potential