“ANSWER THE CALL” Inspiring to live the life we are meant to live.

“ANSWER THE CALL” Inspiring to live the life we are meant to live.

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“You Answered the Call” Heather Brown– Phoenix, AZ – Marketing and Design Lead, International Speaker

Cultural Sponge is a leader in client based and socially responsible marketing and digital media.  They design all types of marketing materials from logos, brochures and websites to name a few.  Please go to: www.culturalsponge.com for more information.

I have been blessed to have Heather in my life.  We met back in 2006.  Heather was a good friend of my roommate.  Heather and I instantly became friends and have been good friends since.  I have watched Heather create her business from the ground up.  She took the leap of faith when the Universe was nudging her forward even in the face of uncertainty and deep fear in a time when the housing market plunged and she had no idea how it would all work out.  Heather is persistent. Her biggest strength, that keeps her moving forward to reach new heights in her calling, is her belief in herself and her capabilities.

Heather ‘s calling is undoubtedly the ability to take entrepreneurs’, businesses, schools and organizations ideas/dreams and create it into wonderful digital and print marketing.  She has an amazing ability to use her creative abilities to create inspiring and impactful logos, artwork and websites.  She has a passion and love to help teach and share her talent and knowledge with others while having the ability to touch their lives with her love and compassion.  Heather works with many LGBT businesses and organizations.  She has donated countless hours at times to help non-profit organizations reach their market. Heather is a true inspiration of what it means to have a conscious business that has a mission to impact the world with love and kindness. We are here to love and help each other and Heather is a perfect example of these virtues!

Heather, you are very talented with design, marketing and art?  When did you first discover your gift and how did you know it was what you wanted to pursue?

My great-grandfather was an artist and I always had this knowing that I would do something with art as my career.  My first experience confirming this knowing was when I won my first art contest in first grade creating a Valentine Fish. Art was easy for me and I was very successful in school.

You are a very spiritual, kind and compassionate person. Did you have struggles during your journey to where you are today?  Do you remember one defining moment that changed your whole outlook on life and your journey?

During my childhood, I was always drawn to looking at the positive side of life. I relied on my intuition and faith at a young age to be persistent and happy.

I volunteered with the Peace Corps Partnership my senior year in high school. I volunteered in the library as well. This really made me happy to serve and help others. I won the Kiwanis “Service Above Self” award that year.

You are passionate about helping businesses align with their values and mission through your marketing, website and graphic design. What would you say is your mission statement for your calling/business and how did you discover it?

What matters is helping others. I focused my art and marketing talents to help others.  After starting my business, my first client was Phoenix Pride.  It has become my niche market helping the LGBT community.  I enjoy helping businesses, organizations and schools for the better.

We all have challenging times, do you have any favorite authors, books or quotes that keep you inspired daily through your challenging times? How do you move past fear and into the unknown? 

Cheryl Strayed’s  book “Wild: From Lost To Found On The Pacific Crest Trail” is one that comes to mind. It is an inspirational story of how the loss of her mother, ending of her marriage and plunging into self-sabotaging behavior inspired her spiritual awakening and journey walking the Pacific Crest Trail.

I really enjoy teaching! I am inspired by my students.  I also am inspired by other entrepreneur’s stories of commitment, challenge and success. Also, my faith and friends are very supportive for me.  I also remember to “ground” my energy to focus on one task at a time.

What were the top two beliefs you had to overcome to create the life you have now?  How did you do it?

The two beliefs I had to overcome were: “I wasn’t good enough to be good at business” and “we are not good enough because we are not a large company”.

As I worked with clients and had one success after another, that that wasn’t true. Now bigger design and marketing firms subcontract us out for projects.

What are some of the greatest lessons and growth opportunities you have learned on your journey?

Don’t give up!!!! You can make anything happen as long as you know what it is. I still am figuring this out as my journey unfolds.  I am often having to reflect on the direction of my company then to know the “what” so the “how” manifests to guide the direction of my company.

You have a very strong intuitive gift, how does this gift help you daily in your life?

It really helps me to figure out what clients are a fit or not a fit for our work and style.  Sometimes it just the personality of our company is not an ideal match for a client.  I learned it is ok to say no and often refer them out to other designers.

What do you feel is the greatest need for people to be their greatness?

Follow your passion.  Don’t just open a café just because it is “in”. Also, know what you really want before starting your business.  Make sure the “what” is in alignment with your heart.

What would you tell someone who is struggling with fear and belief systems that keep them from being in their greatness?

If they are pursuing their “calling” and love-The money will follow. Their greatest skills and assets will be their greatest financial gain.

What do you feel from your experience is the key to happiness?

Pursuing passions; Figuring out what one really wants and the how reveals itself.  Also, they need to know that the “what” may change down the road and it is ok.  Once you know the “what”, take the leap of faith and risk to commit to it and take a hold of the opportunities that appear to gain your success and dream.

Thank You Heather for taking the time to tell your story and give inspiration to our readers!

Heather and her team designed Happiness Matters website, logo and print advertising. Please contact her at www.culturalsponge.com if you like what you see for your own project, organization and business.

Are you INSPIRED to ANSWER the CALL that is calling you?