John Richardson

John Richardson, LMT has been practicing massage therapy for 7 years in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Throughout those seven years he was invited to work for the very school he attended for massage therapy, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. His career continued, working with a Chiropractor and then came to open his own practice in […]

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Maria Sulli

Maria began her holistic healthcare career by becoming a certified hypnotherapist in the year 2,000. This was just after she had completed a six month long trip around the world. This “walkabout” took her to over 35 countries, and along the way, she discovered the amazing mind-body healing properties of ancient Greek “Dreams in Healing

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Shannon Horton

I am passionate about Happiness Matters and making an impact in the workforce to create Happiness culture while teaching the art of “Happiness”.  Unless we grew up in an environment that connects us and teaches us happiness, it was not taught.  It isn’t taught in most families.  It isn’t taught in school or work.  Happiness

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