Let Your “True Colors” Shine:  Illuminate Paths to Enhanced Communication

This innovative workshop is a communication model deeply rooted in temperament typology.  It is a “people technology” utilizing the metaphor of color and a common vocabulary to understand basic human diversity.  The workshop is an easy and entertaining way to discover your True Colors spectrum and offers dynamic keys to unlocking your success.  True Colors awareness and application provides a common ground and builds bridges for everyone.  Participants in this workshop will gain tools that will directly relate to enhanced self-awareness as well as increased personal success in relationships and job performance.  By applying your True Colors spectrum, you can expect to enjoy greater success and satisfaction at home…at work…and in life! (This workshop is presented by a Certified True Colors, Int., Facilitator)

Workshop Participants will:
1.     Identify his/her True Colors spectrum and learn dynamic keys to unlocking his/her success
2.     Identify ways of improving relationships
3.     Learn to recognize individual needs, strengths, stressors and frustrations
4.     Improve job performance

Improving Relationships through Improved Communication

This is a True Colors, International Workshop facilitated by Cheri Mabbitt, Happiness Matters Independent “Happiness Consultant”. She is a Certified True Colors, Int. Workshop Facilitator.

Do you need a training program that reduces:

Staff turn-over   Absenteeism             Conflict          Grievances   Stress

Research shows that personal self-esteem; quality relationships; and strong collaborative work environments have a dramatic impact in the following areas:

High level of synergy

Strong collaboration

Increase in Employee Engagement

Minimize grievances

Raising attendance and performance

Removing conflict and misunderstandings in ALL relationships

Improve the health and wellbeing of the workforce

True Colors programs have a 30-year consistent track record of success and change with some of the world’s most successful companies.

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