Attending the "Overcoming Fear" workshop helped me identify an underlying fear in my behavior. I tend to save everything and now have a garage filled with so much stuff that we cannot park our cars in there. It is causing a huge frustration for my husband and now embarrassment for me. By identifying that the fear of not having enough in the future is causing the hoarding behavior, I can now let the stuff go. I can create a clear space in the garage.

J. Hudson, Tempe, AZ

Great job! I found your workshop very enlightening! Loved the survey in your workshop. Great information! Great speakers who are motivating!

Catherine O’neil, Arizona

"The Yes, Happiness Does Matter workshop focuses into how one can bring happiness into their life and career with insightful exercises and in-depth conversation".

J. Zischke, Arizona And Thailand

"The Yes, Happiness Does Matter workshop is a fantastic opportunity for businesses, schools and professional organizations! Shannon Horton and Cheri Mabbitt are oustanding speakers who make the attendees comfortable, relaxed and focused. They stress how one can evlauate their life in relation to love, peace and happiness versus fear, anger and guilt. Great for businesses and employer to offer to employees!"

J. Nebel, Mesa, AZ

The Overcoming Fear workshop was a game changer for me in shifting my thinking and behaviors! The information how to shift fearful, doubtful "what if's and don't knows" around a goal into stimulating "exciting" beliefs and thoughts was impactful! So much wisdom that can be practically used in real daily life.

Maria Sulli, Asu-tempe, AZ

This course/workshop is life-transforming! You learn how to analyze your fears and learn ways to replace them with love, turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Professional experts giving the class made the workshop fun, interesting and very valuable! I highly recommend to all!

Judy Nebel, Tempe, AZ

Overcoming Fear Workshop: Recognizing fear in itself is a challenge, but facing it and understanding how to turn the reaction into positive thinking is amazing. Transforming fear provides a happy, healthy, and balanced future.

Montanna, Phoenix, AZ

Overcoming Fear Workshop: I learned how to face fears that I have had my whole life.

Kevin, Phoenix, AZ

I really enjoyed attending the Overcoming Fear workshop. I learned some valuable techniques to help turn some of my fears/worries into more positive thoughts. I also learned some techniques to help calm my mind and relax my body. I am excited to take these tools with me and start applying them to my life.

Claudette Ricotta, Tempe, AZ

I left class with tools to deal with the stress in my life.

A.R., Tempe, AZ