You Answered The Call Angela Townsend

You Answered The Call Angela Townsend


 “You Answered the Call” Angela Townsend, Licensed Esthetician and Laser Tech. Valley Laser Care, LLC or on Facebook:

It is amazing how the Universe/God places amazing people, places and things into your life when you least expect it. I met Angela because my amazing boyfriend gave me a gift certificate to Total Bliss Salon and Spa for Valentine’s Day two years ago.  I admit, I was having immense insecure moments when I looked in the mirror and saw a less youthful face almost overnight.  He wanted me to look into options that were not plastic surgery or the intense laser resurfacing that can be scary for any person to do.

I was excited to use my gift certificate as soon as possible and scheduled my appointment with Angela and she gave me multiple options to gradually improve my facial concerns.  When I met Angela, I saw an amazing, funny and caring person.  As we talked over multiple appointments, I discovered Angela was indeed a very loving, compassionate and wise soul.  She and her husband volunteer their time to local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army and their church which provides food drives, clothing drives, a resource room and even healthcare services provided by those who are chiropractors, nurses and doctors to help those in need.

Angela is amazing at her calling!  She has helped my concerns while at the same time engaged in deep and thought provoking conversation.  She is about connecting with her clients. She truly cares and wants to help in any way she can. She shines her light and lives to make a difference in people’s lives!

Angela, do you remember what lead you a calling to work with aesthetics? Did you have any profound signs on your journey leading you to what you love?

In high school, I loved watching make over shows. I was fascinated with beauty and wellness.  I had my own skin challenges and decided I wanted to help myself and others by going to school to become a Licensed Esthetician.

You are passionate about skin care and helping people look and feel their best, how did you decide to start your own business? Any amazing stories that helped you to accomplish your dreams?

In the beginning, I did work for a few companies before starting my own business. I always did the most sales and repeat sales in these companies.  I educated myself in skills I needed to for success. I was becoming sick of the corporate politics and all of a sudden, I realized, “why am I making these businesses all the money and not myself?”

Within weeks, opportunity started aligning to have my own business. I had a friend who sold lasers.  He was offering to sell me a refurbished laser at a killer cost. I bought it and then other people and places started showing up in alignment with my desire to be self-employed.

You are a very spiritual, kind and compassionate person. Did you have struggles during your journey to where you are today?  Do you remember one defining moment that changed your whole outlook on life and your journey?

My parents always wanted me to take a job with benefits and security.  I did work for corporate businesses and I was sick of the politics.  I have been in business for myself for 6.5 years now and I am really grateful!  My parents didn’t understand what was in my heart. I used their concern and lack of understanding as motivation to “prove them wrong”. Now my parents are very supportive and proud of my accomplishment.

We all have challenging times, do you have any favorite authors, books or quotes that keep you inspired daily through your challenging times? How do you move past fear and into the unknown? 

I let go and surrender to God.  I love the book “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson.  It is about praying circles around your biggest dreams and desires basically covering your life with prayer.  When I am “slow” or have a challenge, I will re-read the book.

What were the top two beliefs you had to overcome to create the life you have now?  How did you do it?

The top beliefs I had to overcome were “I am not worthy or capable enough”.  I overcame this by staying positive and using positive self-talk.  I create vision boards and surround myself with positive people.

What are some of the greatest lessons and growth opportunities you have learned on your journey?

I realized connections with people are very important. I learned not to judge and push people aside.  That people have value and there are opportunities of love, friendship and growth in getting to know them. I have met amazing people in my life and it has opened amazing doors for me. Trust your intuition and take a hold of opportunity as it appears.

What do you feel is the greatest and inspiring advice you can give to our readers?

Listen to your heart (intuition)!! If something feels good just go with it and if it feels bad listen to it. Apply this to all areas of your life!!

Also, ask questions to have a deeper understanding such as “Why is this feeling off?” “What do I need to do to accomplish this?” “Why am I feeling this way?” “Where does this come from?”

Having understanding is important to moving past negative emotions and thoughts.

Be of service to others. Be kind and happy towards others. Be sincere and listen to others.

What would you tell someone who is struggling with fear and belief systems that keep them from fulfilling their calling?

Use prayer. Pray about it and ask for answers.  Then act on the answers that come.

Be present in the moment.  This helps you keep and “open” eye for opportunity and solutions that are right in front of you and are not seeing because you are in fear because of being “present” in the past or future with our thoughts and emotions.

What do you feel from your experience is the key to happiness?

Helping others is the key to happiness!! When you think about others versus on yourself, you alleviate depression, fear and sadness.

Say what you want to the universe. Basically, AFFIRM “I am busy” versus stating the problem “I am slow”. “Business is great” versus “Business is slow”.  It always works for me. I am always busy because I say this.

Thank You Angela for taking the time to tell your amazing story and give inspiration to our readers! Interested in Angela’s services? Please contact Angela to make an appointment 480-560-7059.

Are you INSPIRED to ANSWER the CALL that is calling you?