Month: July 2016

Thought of the day

What is your burning desire to create in your life? What beliefs are holding you back from accomplishing this? Think about this: Will you regret most not doing your desire or giving it a try?

Thought of the Day

Today is often called Throwback Thursday a day when we reflect on our younger memories of ourselves. “Living in the past only keeps you in the past unless you bring the blessings, lessons, knowledge and insights to the present. What skills or talents from your past are calling you to nurture and use to improve …

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Thought of the Day

If all you felt was love for yourself, your life and the world, how would your life look and feel? Love is the most powerful force in the Universe! Make it your super power!

Thought of the Day

Thoughts, beliefs and words have the power to create or destroy your goals, desires and wishes. Be careful what you put out there. If every thought came true instantly, would you think them?

You “Answered the Call” Paige Bolen!

Paige Bolen, Interior Designer and Decorator Follow Paige on Instagram: @PaigeBolen Facebook: Contact her by email: As all of you know, that we come up with stories on how someone lands into their careers and life.  We may assume that one went to college and then landed the job of their dreams learning …

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Happy July 4th!!

Today is a day to remember God’s Grace, people and things that gave us the life we have today.  Give thanks and show that thanks by being kind and loving to all!  Have an amazing and safe Fourth of July!