About Us

Inspiring happier, healthier and fulfilled employees leads to increased productivity and lower costs increasing business profits

Happiness Matters is a DBA under Beyond Spiritual Healing, LLC. After years of studying holistic health and wellness and applying these concepts to my own life to create balance and happiness, I realized there is a great need, outside of one on one client coaching, to bring holistic health and wellness education into corporate America.

I worked in corporate America for many years and found the culture of the job lacking fulfillment. I would go into work daily observing how most employees are unhealthy in mind, body and spirit. They are disengaged in their work. They were lethargic, fatigued and lacking fulfillment and purpose. Many spoke very negatively of their job and life. What did they all have in common? They were unhappy. They didn’t even know how to attain happiness. They were hopeless and lost. Many say they would be happy when….. happens.

What these people don’t realize or know is happiness is a choice that comes from within and is not dependent on when……happens. Happiness is a way of living. Happiness does matter! When people are happy, they are engaged, their health thrives, their lives thrive in many directions and they start to live in what I call the “miracle” matrix. This is where amazing miracles and synchronistic opportunities happen daily.

This is how Happiness Matters began. I realized, I have a calling to work with Corporations to create a “happiness” culture that teaches their employees how to choose happiness and find purpose in their lives. It is important to teach people to recognize their talents and apply those with vitality in their career. When a business invests in their employees’ wellbeing and health, the benefits outweigh the cost by far. Their employees are more productive and healthy bringing greater profitability to the business. It also encourages a healthy culture among co-workers and within the business itself.

Happiness Matters is a unique business with Independent Happiness Consultants that go to the business and provide workshops and seminars on the following subjects and all will have a link to our root goal of Happiness Matters: Yes, Happiness Does Matter

Shannon Horton- Founder, CEO