Month: October 2016

“You Answered the Call Kristi Hall”

“You Answered the Call” Kristi Hall- Creator of Conscious Connections Contact:  480.789.0681 Website: Answering the “call” in life takes courage and deep faith.  Sometimes, it is leaving a “certain level of comfort” behind while on an amazing journey of synchronicity, intuition, faith, growth and miracles.  It is learning to follow your heart and passion. …

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Thought of the day

Just because you have a thought, does not mean it is true.  What unhealthy thoughts are you thinking about yourself and your life?  Are those what you want to believe?  Change them to the things you want to believe about yourself. If these thoughts make you feel heavy and not good about yourself, they are …

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Thought of the Day

Take time to be grateful for all your blessings!  No matter how smoothly or rough your perception of your life is right now, gratitude will always shift things to be better!  You will see all the blessings you have!

Thought of the Day

Happiness is about balance and taking time for yoour interests, creativity and relaxation.  Make sure you take time today for you!  Ask your heart what the one thing it wants to do today.  It can be a simple as eating an ice cream cone or having 5 minutes in nature. The more you honor your …

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Thought of the Day

Remember, you are an amazing and powerful being! You have the power to change your life through your emotions and thoughts. What do you want to create?  Focus your thoughts and emotions to having created it!  Happy Monday!