Overcoming Fear: Changing Fear into Positive Action

(Available: Nov 2015)

This workshop explores the two types of fear: healthy fear and unhealthy fear. The natural fight or flight response is helpful for short term needs but can become toxic if the person remains in this state for longer periods of time. Fears regarding money, work, school, relationships, etc, often keep individuals in a perpetual cycle of flight or flight destroying their happiness, health, and relationships thereby causing them not to operate at their personal best at work, at home, at school. This workshop can be life-changing in assisting individuals to unleash the unhealthy fears that are keeping them from reaching their potential in all areas of their life.


Workshop Participants will:

  1. Identify and learn about the fears people experience and consequences to the body
  2. Identify what unhealthy fear is trying to tell them and explore tools to shift that fear into making positive changes in life
  3. Learn to change from fear-based thinking into empowered thinking by identifying disempowering, neutral and empowering language
  4. Learn that healthy decisions stemming from individual personal values and “right action” helps in moving past the fear